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Our Nurse Manager will complete a complimentary care needs assessment either in your own home or in the hospital setting. You may wish to designate a family member or loved one to attend. Our multi-disciplinary team is involved as appropriate. Following the care needs assessment, costings will be prepared for each individual case. You may retain our H2H services on a private basis where you or your family engage us directly. The HSE may commission us to provide services in your home, in which case they will pay for some or all of the H2H service. A third option is where you will be entitled to some hours of care paid for by the HSE and you fund the balance. These are matters that can be determined at time of commissioning the service. Call us on 1800 AT-HOME (1800 28 4663) if you would like to discuss what if any your entitlements may be.

To apply for a HSE Homecare Package please speak to your GP or Public Health Nurse. You may also refer to the links below:
HSE Information on Home Care Packages
HSE Home Care Package Application Form

Tax Relief on Homecare
In some cases clients are entitled to receive tax back on privately paid homecare expenses. For more information please consult your accountant directly and/or the Revenue Commissioners to determine what your entitlement may be.
Revenue Commissioners
Download Revenue Commissioners’ Form IT47 for Claiming Tax Allowance on Home Care Expenses
Download Revenue Commissioners’ Form HK1 Claim for an Allowance for Employing a Carer