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Home From HospitalMany patients and their families believe that the toughest part of their recovery is behind them when they’re discharged home from hospital.   Hospital stays are getting shorter and you may feel that you are being discharged before you’re quite ready.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you had your own team of experts to help you with this transition, to follow you home and to remain involved in your care in the home for as long as you wish?  Good preparation for returning home can make the difference to being at-risk for hospital re-admission.  Alternatively, you may suffer from a chronic or complex condition and prefer to be monitored in your own home.  This is the basis for our Home-from-Hospital service.  We offer a nurse-led multidisciplinary team of clinicians who manage and monitor complex conditions in the home. Some of the services we provide are wound care, administering injections, tube feeding and rehabilitation. For more information, please use the form below or call us on 1800 AT-HOME (1800 28 4663) to contact our clinical nurse manager for a free, no obligation consultation on how to access this new service.

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