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Hospital to Home’s nurse-led multi-disciplinary managed home care teams are guided by HIQA’s National Standards for Better Safer Healthcare and HIQA’s standards on care of the older person, care of children and care of people with disabilities.

Hospital to Home uses only professionals who are registered with their appropriate professional body. Our H2H team of skilled nurses and administrators have considerable experience working in the community and have previously set up a Hospital to Home programme and an A&E Avoidance programme in the UK. These programmes alleviated pressure on District Nurses; cut GP workloads; reduced hospital admissions; fast-tracked patients home; freed up hospital beds for the acutely ill; reduced the costs associated with delayed discharge; and significantly improved relationships between hospital staff and community-based staff, leading to a better overall understanding of roles and the prioritising of care of the elderly.

H2H is fully insured to provide multi-disciplinary home-based health care in the community. All our staff go through rigorous screening, including Garda Vetting and reference checking. Staff are members of their individual professional bodies and carry the appropriate level of personal professional indemnity insurance. They also carry the required medical vaccinations and inoculations.

Our Clinical Director of Nursing and Home Care Services, together with our Nurse Managers, oversee all care and manage the multidisciplinary care teams.