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H2H provides necessary medical and healthcare treatment in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced, educated and professional staff provide care appropriate to service users’ needs in a friendly respectful manner, and meet the often overlooked needs of family carers, their elderly spouses and their families. We strive to promote independence at every level, treating our service users with dignity at all times. Hospital to Home encourages continuity of care. Receiving ongoing care at home reduces the anxiety associated with hospitals and increases one on one care and personal comfort. Our services include:

Wound Care:
Surgical, Diabetic and Vascular Wounds
Pressure Sores
Suture / Staple Removal
Healing Assessment

Stoma Care:

Catheter Care:
Emptying and measuring of urine
Insertion and Removal of Catheters

Bowel Care:
Administration of suppositories / enemas
Assessing effectiveness of treatment
Stool monitoring

Tracheostomy Care:
Maintain patency of tube
Administer nebulisers as prescribed
Suction tube when secretions present
Regular tube change monthly
Emergency tube changes where required Education

Urinary Analysis:
MSU urine dipstick to assess presence of infection

Collect blood specimens for testing purposes
Full Blood Count
Liver Function Test
Urea and Electrolytes
Kidney Function Test
Iron Level
Blood Clotting Test
Cholesterol Level
INR (to calculate Warfarin dose)

Enteral Feeding:
Stoma site care
PEG Feeding
Jejunostomy Feeding
Nasogastric Feeding
-Insertion of tube
-Removal of tube
-Assessing tube placement
-Administering Feed

Administering Injections:
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)
IV Antibiotics

Oxygen Therapy:
Assessing Oxygen level
Aministering as required

Reablement Care:
MDT managed care services

Stroke Care:
Rehabilitation care

Diabetes Care:
Administration of Insulin where required
Assistance with Blood Sugar Level monitoring
Diabetic Wound Assessment and Management

Palliative Care:
Holistic, person-centred approach
Medication management
End of life care
Family support

Assistance with ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living):
Personal Hygiene
Eating and Drinking
Dressing / Undressing

Other H2H services are available as required on a case by case basis following a full Needs Assessment.